How can our solutions help your business?

Acquiring customers. Expanding products and services. Hiring more staff. You’ve got enough to focus on.

You and your employees can work from home or on the road—and access office applications and files securely over the Internet—using virtual private network (VPN) connections. You can eliminate expensive private data lines and reduce toll charges by using your network to send and receive data and place calls over the Internet to remote employees and offices. You can also check e-mail, voicemail, and faxes in one inbox using integrated messaging.

Atom Options can help your company connect and collaborate better—so you can stay focused on your business. Along with providing a solid network, we can help you:​

Reduce costs. Having one network for data, voice, and wireless simplifies network installation and management, which reduces costs. It helps cut phone costs and long-distance charges too.

Provide secure, remote access. Give everyone secure access to the tools they need to communicate effectively and collaborate easily, even when they’re on the go. Extend your phone system to mobile workers over wired and wireless connections. And all this can be achieved without compromising security of your business information.​

Prepare for the future. You can add new capabilities—as needed, without expensive upgrades.

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